Kerry feels passionately that exercise is important for our mind and bodies helping us feel happier and healthier. She thinks that even if you are not a competitive exerciser, exercise is important.

“My classes benefit the sports person, to balance out their posture and create good core stability and strength. They also benefit the mostly sedentary person with no exercise experience at all”. 

Pilates is one of those exercise methods that she feels can benefit everyone of us. She demonstrates a variety of levels so beginners feel comfortable and regulars are given new challenges with the band, on their strength and on their stability.

Pilates aims to re-balance our posture, creating lengthened  and toned muscles. “We spend too much time forward facing and slouching. Pilates works our opposite muscle groups to help us lengthen out, sit taller and basically sit and walk and do whatever we want to do more comfortably!”.

She aims for her pilates classes to keep us strong and fit but also feels “dedicating time to ourselves away from work and other commitments helps us to feel refreshed with a better mood, more energy and better focus for the rest of the week“. This means we can get on and enjoy the rest of our week instead of feeling tight and stiff when we should be enjoying our time!
Kerry has a Mat Pilates (Level 3) CYQ Central YMCA qualification and has gained additional Reps points through Hanson Pilates in Ante and Post Natal Exercise, Balls and Bands and how to Modify Joseph’s Original Moves. The courses she has taken with the APPI (The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) include Pilates with Small Equipment and Pilates Shoulder & Neck Rehabilitation .

Having been a desk worker herself Kerry suffered from a really bad posture. She took part in Pilates classes at lunchtimes and evenings and once feeling the major benefits, and fascinated by how pilates works, she enrolled in a pilates course. After three years of learning, she started a class and they have grown from there!

Her classes have been running in Glasgow’s West End for six years now and still each class teaches Kerry more about her clients and hopefully they feel they learn more about their bodies too. They are fascinating!

Classes are open to men and women of all ages and abilities. Please email kerrystewart07@hotmail.com or call 0787 647 3381 to find out more or with any questions about the classes.


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